Living Light

The awareness of knowing myself beyond this physical body frees me from many illusions and fears. I naturally begin to experience my original qualities, peace, love, purity, joy and wisdom. I leave the baggage of the expectations of the roles that I play behind.

When I am light I am free. Nothing seems to be a burden. I move along easily. My thoughts are so pure and powerful that the only thoughts that I have are ones that manifest into words and actions. There’s no waste. I have a sense of humour, nothing is that serious. I don’t let anything stop me, not even my mistakes. If I don’t think about my mistakes nobody else will think about them either. I become the living light by understanding these aspects.

7.00 – 7.30pm – Meditation
7.30 – 8.00pm – Talk

FREE OF CHARGE – all welcome

Innerspace Colchester
7 Peartree Business Centre,
Colchester CO3 0JN