Solutions to Problems

In order to find solutions to problems, it is important to improve the quality of my thinking. I need to calm my mind by creating peaceful thoughts. The first thing that follows is that problems stop affecting me. I am able to think more clearly, which brings about a solution.

Guest Speaker: Nidhi Shukla
Nidhi is part of the Team at Inner Space Wembley. She has been living a life of spirituality since childhood which is reflected in her creativity, boundless energy. She speaks regularly on a wide range of themes relating to personal development. She is also a team member of BKUN SDG1- Eradicating Poverty and for the Commission for Social Development – ECOSOC.

3.00 – 4.30pm

FREE OF CHARGE – all welcome

Innerspace Colchester
7 Peartree Business Centre,
Colchester CO3 0JN