The foundation of all spiritual growth and personal development is the awakening of self-awareness. Most people however are not yet self-aware, and the majority of those, are not aware that they are not aware.

Self-awareness is easy and begins with simply taking a mental step back, and observing your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions. Whenever you do, you learn about your ‘self’ and the basis of personal change and growth is always learning.

Step back, what do you see, what enters your awareness? What does it tell you? What does it show you about yourself? Don’t judge it, just see it. Don’t run away from what you see just watch it. Accept it. Allow whatever is happening within your thoughts and feelings just to be. And suddenly you will find that inner peace which surpasses all pleasure.

Guest Speaker: Nidhi Shukla

Nidhi is part of the Team at Inner Space Wembley. She has been living a life of spirituality since childhood which is reflected in her creativity, and boundless energy. She is a dynamic and inspiring speaker & speaks regularly on a wide range of themes relating to personal development. With an interest in psychology, she easily makes friends and people feel comfortable in her company. She is a team member of BKUN SDG1- Eradicating Poverty and for the Commission for Social Development – ECOSOC.



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Unlocking the Mysteries of Behaviour

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Jul 28 2024


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm