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We need to create a strong and stable foundation in order not to get affected by whatever happens in this world. For this, we need to know who we really are. By knowing who we really are then we learn to master our mind. We need to understand the spiritual values such as respect, love and attention to attain self progress.

A spiritual life means to live in the physical world where we can choose powerful positive and peaceful thoughts. In other words we should avoid being influenced by thoughts of the past and concerns about our future.

True self progress lies in the fact that our positive attitude towards our life creates freedom from negativity.

7.00 – 7.30pm – Meditation
7.30 – 8.00pm – Talk

Free of Charge
Innerspace Colchester
7 Peartree Business Centre,
Colchester CO3 0JN

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Self Progress Closed
January 13, 2022 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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All our courses and talks at Inner Space Colchester are free of charge. Voluntary donation are welcomed.